Studio Photo of Jade SambrookMy name is Jade Sambrook and I was born in Campbell River on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. While my father is also from that neck of the woods, my mother was born in a small town in the Province of Quebec. She was only eighteen years old when both of her parents died. Following that she decided to head to British Columbia by hitchhiking across the country where she eventually met my father. Enter Jade Sambrook into the world, and a few years later my little brother Matthew would join me.

My parents split when I was about six years old and my mother returned to live in Quebec. Due to a shared custody agreement my little brother and I would spend about two years with each parent, meaning that we ended up living in both provinces and therefore learning both official languages.

In my later teens I decided to stay in Campbell River with my father so that I could complete high school with my same group of friends. After high school I moved to the city of Vancouver where I eventually became a Letter Carrier with Canada Post. During that time I also started my undergraduate studies in political science, which unfortunately to this day I have not completed.

In 2001 I moved to Montreal, Quebec, where I was able to transfer my job with Canada Post. The goal was to also finish my studies and take advantage of the low tuition rates. Unfortunately though I became an industrial whistleblower regarding reprehensible practices at Canada Post. For that my employment was terminated, and after a long battle of several years I finally obtained a labour arbitration victory, although I lost much both financially and health wise.

With a little bit of money in pocket I purchased my first digital SLR camera and began practicing photography as a hobby. As a member of the New Democratic Party of Canada I was fortunate to meet Jack Layton when I attended and photographed several NDP events in Montreal. My passion for photography paid off, as I was later offered a job as an administrative assistant at the Office of the Leader of the NDP. I therefore moved to Ottawa, and later moved to the other side of the river to live in Gatineau, Quebec. After the 2011 Federal Election I accepted a position as a Communications Officer at the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition/NDP.

As I discovered many of the nature trails in the Parc de la Gatineau, I also discovered that I was a die-hard naturist/nudist in-waitng, in that I found it very liberating to hike the trails wearing nothing but my birthday suit. I began to participate in any social protests that involved nudity such as the Quebec Maple Spring student strike, the World Naked Bike Ride and the Toronto Pride Parade. In other words I did away with the body shame that was taught to me by our messed-up society.

Unfortunately my lack of judgement one night lead to an incident where for the first time of my life I was criminally charged. I plead guilty to one count of public nudity and one count of possession of marijuana (4.3 grams). For this I received a conditional discharge and saw my employment at the NDP terminated.

I therefore moved back to Montreal and at the time of writing this I’m anxiously waiting for the next chapter of my life to unfold.