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005 – The Life of Jade Podcast – Episode 5

The Life of Jade Podcast art

Episode 005
Host: Jade Sambrook
Duration: 17:43

This is Episode 5 of The Life of Jade Podcast.

In this podcast I talk about:

* Follow-up from my last podcast episode on my reasons for participating in the Toronto Pride Parade.
* My participation in the Montreal version of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR).
* Brief commentary on International Go Topless Day (Montreal edition).

Jade Sambrook inside the Montreal WNBR (2015)


Jade Sambrook inside the Montreal WNBR (2015)

Jade Sambrook participated in the 2015 edition of the Montreal World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR). It was a beautiful day, the turn out was great and the ride was an absolute success.

For more information on the World Naked Bike Ride, please visit their official website at: http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/

Also, should you be interested, feel free to visit Jade Sambrook’s nudist lifestyle blog at: https://nakedjade.wordpress.com

Video duration: 07:49