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Jade Sambrook Performs MJ’s ‘Beat It’ at Lipster’s Bareoke (Strip Karaoke)


Jade Sambrook Performs MJ’s ‘Beat It’ at Lipster’s Bareoke (Strip Karaoke)

Warning – The content of this video may not be suitable for some audiences – Viewer discretion is advised!

I’m 100% ridiculous! More often than not I am able to laugh at myself! Last night I performed MJ’s ‘Beat It’ at Lipster’s monthly Bareoke – (strip karaoke) – which takes place at Cabaret Playhouse in Montreal.

I’m not sure if Michael Jackson would be proud of me or if he is rolling over in his grave. However, you only live once, so it is important to have as much fun as possible in life!

Only the kilt comes off, so now we all know what is worn under the kilt. And if I keep jumping around like I do in this video, something is bound to become worn sooner rather than later, LOL!

I also learned that ‘Beat It’ is the easiest MJ song to sing, and then on second thought, it’s probably not a good idea to sing a song called ‘Beat It’ when you are not wearing any underwear, LOL again!

If you are interested in coming to Bareoke, feel free to check out their Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1469711036579445/

For more on the nudist lifestyle of Jade Sambrook, please visit: https://nakedjade.wordpress.com

Video duration: 02:57