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007 – The Life of Jade Podcast (by Jade Sambrook) – Episode 7

The Life of Jade Podcast Episode #7 by Jade SambrookEpisode 007
Host: Jade Sambrook
Duration: 31:14

This is Episode 7 of The Life of Jade Podcast.

In this podcast I talk about:

* My handshake with Justin Trudeau during the Federal Election Campaign
* My addiction to social media
* Learning about social media from the Entrepreneur 360 Podcast by Yann IIlunga
* Some of the new tools that I have discovered to improve my use of various social media platforms  – including Hootsuite, Buffer, Boardbooster, Periscope and Unfollowers
* Putting on a morphsuit for Halloween and for the Anonymous Million Mask March (blog article at: https://thejadezone.wordpress.com)
* News about the Quebec Superior Court ruling regarding article 500.1 of the Highway Safety Code and what this might mean for the ticket I received earlier this year after being caught in a police kettle while protesting