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Jade Sambrook at Bareoke (Strip Karaoke) in a Kilt performing a striptease

Jade Sambrook Taking the Kilt Off at Bareoke

Warning – The content of this video contains nudity and may not be suitable for some audiences – Viewer discretion is advised!

MONTRÉAL – It was another fantastic night at Café Cleopatra for the December edition of Strip Karaoke (Bareoke).

Obviously my strip karaoke performances are 100% genuinely ridiculous, but who cares, right? I certainly don’t! Besides, as I always say, what matters the most is that I have fun! And that is exactly what I did!

I was still debating what to sing on my way to the event. Sometimes I only do one song, other times I’ve done two. It really depends on the crowd and the amount of people who are in queue to get up on stage. For a Saturday night the room was full of people in good spirits. It was comfortable. No overcrowding. No long lines at the bar. No waiting an eternity for a turn to get up on stage. I was expecting it to be much busier, but I imagine that with Christmas fast approaching many folks have other priorities and decided not to attend until the new year.

I therefore decided that I would sing two songs throughout the night. I chose ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson and ‘Private Dancer’ by Tina Turner. For me they are both very fitting songs for strip karaoke. MJ’s ‘Bad’ is a high energy song that keeps the crowd entertained, cheering and clapping. Plus it is technically ”bad” to be stripping naked while singing karaoke – so the lyrics are more than relevant. Whereas Tina Turner’s Private Dancer may not be a high energy song, but the lyrics and tone speak volumes of what is taking place at this particular venue.


Unfortunately the audio and video quality is not the best because I am filming with the front facing camera of my iPhone – in a dark room with a below par sound system (yes indeed, the sound system on the second floor of Café Cleopatra is terrible).

Fortunately however, Jade Sambrook make’s up for the lack of excellent audio and video quality with an awesome and carefree attitude! It takes a certain degree of confidence to get up on stage to sing, dance all at the same time. As my drummer friend would say: it takes coordination.

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But again, what is most important is that I had fun. Additionally I met some new people, and I got to show some curious folks exactly what isn’t worn under a kilt. Lets just say that I offered a valuable educational service. In other words it was a win-win for everybody.

With that being said, I’d like to wish you a happy holiday season! Eat, drink and be merry – but above all be safe and remember not to drink and drive! You have to stay alive in order to get a turn at Bareoke. And hopefully in one piece! Because singing, dancing and striping at the same time when you are in several pieces might be a hard thing to do. Like my drummer friend would say: it takes coordination!

For those interested in attending Bareoke, the Facebook event page can be found here.

Video duration: 03:27

Jade Sambrook at ‘Pegida Meets Anti-Pegida’

Jade Sambrook at ‘Pegida Meets Anti-Pegida’

Jade Sambrook attended the Anti-Pegida protest against the Pegida group who were scheduled to march through the streets of downtown Montreal. Both groups faced-off in Place Emilie-Gamelin Park before moving into the intersection of Saint-Catherine and Berri Streets. There was a very large police presence as well as many folks from the media. Considering that it was the end of September, the weather was more than pleasant, akin to a beautiful summer day.

The Montreal Police kept both groups apart, and the Anti-Pegida movement was ultimately successful in preventing the Pegida group from marching through the city streets as per their original plan. In fact, this was the second time in less than a year that the Anti-Pegida movement was able to stop the Pegida group from proceeding with their planned march.

The Anti-Pegida group was also successful in getting the message out that Canada and Quebec should be open to receiving more refugees and immigrants so that we may build a country that is more just for all and where everybody can prosper. Canada has always been a country that believes in compassion and fairness. Those are true Canadian values. And the majority of Canadians understand that refugees who come here do so for a better life – a life free from the horrors and war that many of them unfortunately had to witness in their countries of origin.

Canada’s refugee protection programs have helped the world’s most vulnerable, while ensuring the health and safety of Canadians.

Through our refugee protection programs, refugees bring their experiences and skills as well as their hopes and dreams to Canada which, in turn, has contributed to an even richer and more prosperous society for us all – Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC).

And just in case you were wondering, the video was filmed using an iPhone 6 with the Filmic Pro App. Additionally, the audio was recorded using a Rode SmartLav+ lavalier microphone.

Video duration: 13:41

Jade Sambrook Performs ‘Talkin bout a Revolution’ at Bareoke (Strip Karaoke)


Jade Sambrook Performs Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin bout a Revolution’ at Bareoke (Strip Karaoke)

Warning – The content of this video may not be suitable for some audiences – Viewer discretion is advised!

Bareoke use to take place at Cabaret Playhouse in Montreal, until the venue was sold by the owner and ultimately closed. It now takes place on the first Saturday of every month at Café Cleopatra.

In this segment I perform the final karaoke of the night. While the quality of the video, the audio and the singing may not be the best, what is important is that Jade Sambrook had a lot of fun! As usual, I do not perform a classic striptease like one would see in a strip bar with professional “chip ‘n’ dale” dancers. Instead, my clothes – in this case the kilt – come off almost immediately so that I can spend as much time as possible naked on stage. After all, most songs are only about four minutes in duration – which goes by rather quickly – so it is important to take advantage of that time. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call this naked karaoke instead of strip karaoke. The only thing that doesn’t come off are my shoes and my kilt hose (socks). And, I was happy to receive a well deserved smack on the ass at the very end of my performance.

Naturally I am already looking forward to next month’s Bareoke, even though I have no idea what I will sing. One thing is certain however, I will be filming and sharing it for all to see.

You can see my previous strip karaoke performance of MJ’s ‘Beat It’ at the Cabaret Playhouse by clicking here. For more on the nudist lifestyle of Jade Sambrook, please visit: https://nakedjade.wordpress.com

Video duration: 04:12

Jade Sambrook inside the Montreal WNBR (2015)


Jade Sambrook inside the Montreal WNBR (2015)

Jade Sambrook participated in the 2015 edition of the Montreal World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR). It was a beautiful day, the turn out was great and the ride was an absolute success.

For more information on the World Naked Bike Ride, please visit their official website at: http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/

Also, should you be interested, feel free to visit Jade Sambrook’s nudist lifestyle blog at: https://nakedjade.wordpress.com

Video duration: 07:49

Jade Sambrook at ‘Grosse manif de soir’ Protest in Montreal


Jade Sambrook at ‘Grosse manif de soir’ Protest in Montreal

This peaceful protest against austerity took place on Saturday May 23 in Montreal. It was the first of a series of upcoming protests entitled ”Grosse manif de soir” that will be occurring every Saturday.

McGill Daily Photojournalist Shane Murphy was detained and fined by the Montreal Police, along with some thirty to forty other protestors who were ”kettled” and fined for their participation in the protest, including Jade Sambrook.

While this video does not specifically show the arrest of Shane Murphy, or the police ”kettle”, it is a personal firsthand account of the protest as it unfolded.

Interestingly, a Montreal Police Supervisor can be heard telling somebody from France ”to go protest in Paris and see what will happen”.

Video duration: 12:47

Jade Sambrook at the Montreal May Day Protest

Jade Sambrook at the Montreal May Day Protest

Protestors took to the streets of downtown Montreal on the evening of May Day, where police unleashed tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd.

This is what Jade Sambrook captured by following both the protestors and the police.

Video duration: 09:14

Jade Sambrook captures bar fight outside of the Fitzroy in Montreal


Jade Sambrook captures bar fight outside of the Fitzroy in Montreal

Jade Sambrook captured this incident with an iPhone 6 outside of the Fitzroy, which is a night club located at the corner of Mont Royal and Pontiac Streets in Montreal. Unfortunately one man lay unconscious on the ground and required medical attention. Thankfully the Police arrived on time to arrest two of the perpetrators.

You can read more at the Jade Zone Blog: The Bar Fight Smartphone Video

Video duration: 06:44

Jade Sambrook Follows the April 13 Anti-Austerity Student Protest in Montreal

YouTube player

Jade Sambrook follows the April 13 anti-austerity student protest held in Montreal

Using an iPhone 6 and a Rode SmartLav+ microphone, Jade Sambrook was able to capture a peaceful ”this is what democracy looks like” protest. It began at the Mont-Royal metro station and ended at the corner of Maisonneuve and Berri Streets without incident or any arrests.

Video duration: 10:15

Jade Sambrook at a Building Fire on Roy Street in Montreal

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Jade Sambrook at a Building Fire on Roy Street in Montreal

As students staged a protest in downtown Montreal on April 13, 2015, a fire broke out at the same time on the third floor of a mixed residential/commercial building. Jade Sambrook was on the scene.

Video duration: 04:35

Jade Sambrook at the Montreal Protest against Austerity

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Montreal Protest against Austerity – April 2, 2015

Jade Sambrook joined with approximately 75,000 protestors from all walks of life – including students, union members and families – who filled the streets of Montreal on April 2, 2015, to protest the government’s austerity budget.

Video duration: 04:07