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Jade Sambrook at ‘Grosse manif de soir’ Protest in Montreal


Jade Sambrook at ‘Grosse manif de soir’ Protest in Montreal

This peaceful protest against austerity took place on Saturday May 23 in Montreal. It was the first of a series of upcoming protests entitled ”Grosse manif de soir” that will be occurring every Saturday.

McGill Daily Photojournalist Shane Murphy was detained and fined by the Montreal Police, along with some thirty to forty other protestors who were ”kettled” and fined for their participation in the protest, including Jade Sambrook.

While this video does not specifically show the arrest of Shane Murphy, or the police ”kettle”, it is a personal firsthand account of the protest as it unfolded.

Interestingly, a Montreal Police Supervisor can be heard telling somebody from France ”to go protest in Paris and see what will happen”.

Video duration: 12:47

Jade Sambrook at the Montreal May Day Protest

Jade Sambrook at the Montreal May Day Protest

Protestors took to the streets of downtown Montreal on the evening of May Day, where police unleashed tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd.

This is what Jade Sambrook captured by following both the protestors and the police.

Video duration: 09:14

Jade Sambrook Follows the April 13 Anti-Austerity Student Protest in Montreal

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Jade Sambrook follows the April 13 anti-austerity student protest held in Montreal

Using an iPhone 6 and a Rode SmartLav+ microphone, Jade Sambrook was able to capture a peaceful ”this is what democracy looks like” protest. It began at the Mont-Royal metro station and ended at the corner of Maisonneuve and Berri Streets without incident or any arrests.

Video duration: 10:15

Jade Sambrook at the Montreal Protest against Austerity

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Montreal Protest against Austerity – April 2, 2015

Jade Sambrook joined with approximately 75,000 protestors from all walks of life – including students, union members and families – who filled the streets of Montreal on April 2, 2015, to protest the government’s austerity budget.

Video duration: 04:07