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003 – The Life of Jade Podcast – Episode 3

The Life of Jade Podcast art

Episode 003
Host: Jade Sambrook
Duration: 26:33

This is Episode 3 of The Life of Jade Podcast.

In this podcast I talk about:

* My absence from podcasting due to feelings of depression brought on by the bad weather.
* My upcoming participation in the Toronto Pride Parade where I will be wearing nothing but my birthday suit.
* My participation in the May 23 protest against austerity where I experienced my first police kettle and received two fines.
* My experience at the ‘City without Borders’ protest against mass deportations where I was told that I am not allowed to film in public.
* Being tagged by the Montreal Police as ”Kiltman” and being asked ”the question” by a Montreal Police Cadet.
* My observations as to wearing the kilt versus wearing a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt.
* My attendance at the Piknic Electronik for the first time since 2007, including a few quick sound bites.
* My upcoming participation in the Montreal World Naked Bike Ride which I will be doing on rollerblades.